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Lina Marcela Arcila Rodriguez

A multifaceted professional with a passion for artistic expression, community engagement, and positive social impact. 

​As an abstract artist and business owner, I intuitively blend life experiences with colours to communicate emotions and foster mindfulness in viewers. Through my playful exploration of textures and shapes, I inspire individuals to reconnect with themselves and find beauty amidst life's challenges.

​As an art workshop facilitator, I advocate for mental health and social connection to overcome isolation through the transformative power of painting, guiding participants on journeys of self-exploration and well-being. 

​Additionally, with over two years of experience as a dedicated Community Project Manager, I lead successful employment initiatives, leveraging strategic planning and collaboration to empower diverse communities. My expertise in project management, relationship building, and inclusivity drives impactful results and fosters a culture of collaboration, ultimately contributing to stronger, more cohesive communities.

Projects & Exhibitions

2023 | Choose healing over, Space2B Gallery, Melbourne Solo Show

2023 | Confidence in your job search - Wellbeing Art Workshop AMCS & Jobs Victoria

2023 | Wellbeing Art Workshop with Micro-Labs – City of Melbourne 

2023 | Interactive live painting in partnership with the city of Melbourne & MWiB at the Women, Culture and Business Fair

2023 | Wellbeing Art Workshop with Agilent Australia

2022 | Interactive live painting in partnership with Migrant Women in Business at Maldon

2022 | Creative Connections – Wellbeing Program with Mosaik Experiences

2022 | Harmony, Mava Group Exhibition, Post Gallery Brunswick, Melbourne

2022 | St Kilda Affordable Art Exhibition, Space2B Gallery, Melbourne 

2021 | Group Exhibition, Art Directory Australia Online Gallery



Available upon request

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