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Lina Marcela Arcila Rodriguez

Hi There! I'm LinaMar, an abstract artist. I was intuitively inspired to make connections between my life experiences, colours and their meaning and influence.

Painting has always been my way of communicating my feelings and taking in life with its beauty and challenges. My creative goal is to inspire those who view my artworks to reconnect with themselves and enjoy each colour. My playful use of different textures and shapes invites the viewer to focus on mindfully experiencing the paintings.

​Because our minds understand abstract symbols at a deeper level than language, I use my abstract paintings combined with journaling to express the depths of my human experience as I found it highly beneficial for me, with my work I explore different techniques and ways of creating expressive textures and movement. 

In my workshop, I teach people the benefits of expressing their emotions through art and how and why painting is such a powerful tool for improving well-being and self-exploration. 

Projects & Exhibitions

2023 | Choose healing over, Space2B Gallery, Melbourne Solo Show

2023 | Confidence in your job search - Wellbeing Art Workshop AMCS & Jobs Victoria

2023 | Wellbeing Art Workshop with Micro-Labs – City of Melbourne 

2023 | Interactive live painting in partnership with the city of Melbourne & MWiB at the Women, Culture and Business Fair

2023 | Wellbeing Art Workshop with Agilent Australia

2022 | Interactive live painting in partnership with Migrant Women in Business at Maldon

2022 | Creative Connections – Wellbeing Program with Mosaik Experiences

2022 | Harmony, Mava Group Exhibition, Post Gallery Brunswick, Melbourne

2022 | St Kilda Affordable Art Exhibition, Space2B Gallery, Melbourne 

2021 | Group Exhibition, Art Directory Australia Online Gallery



Available upon request