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What do i see in my paintings

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

To me, that is the most difficult question to answer. I constantly have it in the back of my mind and it’s the question my heart unconsciously asks itself as a painting evolves.

For me, my paintings are unique. The beginning is pretty much the same each time I start, but at the same time, the process is different somehow. Many times, I find myself where I am sure others would stop and say the painting is finished, but to me, I kept going with the flow to see if it leads me somewhere else. Or in some cases, I completely blocked it out with a single colour and started over again.

As silly as it sounds, I try not to be present in my process because when I am, I can’t progress as I really like. I usually “entertain” my mind with whatever is on TV or music, once my awareness is somewhere else, I let my unconsciousness to lead the painting, flowing between colours and creating the unimaginable for me, that’s why I said I never plan a painting. All the times that I try to be present, I overload my mind and I just want to control all the process as I usually do in my personal life. Painting for me is the only moment when really I let go when I don’t think when I don’t plan when it is what it is and it’s fine, it doesn’t matter the outcome, it’s going to be beautiful to my eyes and I’m going to enjoy the process and the result.

I know sometimes people expect me to say that I was thinking about something specific, like a forest, or a lake, but the truth is that consciously I’m not thinking. I usually discover the meaning of a painting, once I feel it’s completed, and I love to hear what my paintings mean to people. – Each person relates to my paintings in different ways, always finding different meanings and expressions, and, to be honest, that’s what I LOVE the most about painting and creating new pieces. I LOVE how everyone can connect in different ways.

In my art, I am looking for each individual to connect and identify with their own experience and find meanings through the colours, the forms and the shapes that I’m showing.

I’m relearning myself, I’m relearning to live, I’m relearning to feel, I’m relearning to express, I’m relearning to connect, I’m relearning to judge, I’m relearning to be me again. And – if you’re out there too, like me, I hope you’re relearning it all as well.

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