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Discover the transformative power of art in our workshop designed to foster connection, reduce stress, and create a deeply fulfilling experience perfect for team building.


Because our minds understand abstract symbols at a deeper level than language through engaging in this activity, participants will enhance well-being and self-exploration.


In this workshop, participants will:


  • Cultivate joy, peace, and harmony
  • Enhance creativity, intuition, and self-expression
  • Gain clarity and find meaning
  • Reduce stress and bring dreams to life on canvas


Skill level: All Levels

Group: 5-20 people

Time: Between 1 hr to 1,5 hours


Who this workshop is for:


  • People who want to express themselves, heal, or increase their happiness, creativity or confidence while having fun within a group activity.
  • People who like to have a structure to follow and a step-by-step system with proven results.


What the participants will learn: 


  • Art techniques to increase happiness, manage emotions positively, and feel more confident!
  • Stress management techniques and emotional healing through art.
  • Enhance self-awareness, intuition, and self-expression through art techniques.
  • Using art processes to create a tangible painting of their visions and dreams without self-judgment.

Private Group Wellbeing Art Workshop


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